The Coda: Share and Share Alike

I am sad to have the MTBoS Missions come to a close. At first, I was not sure I would make time for the missions, but as we moved along and I connected with more and more teachers doing good work across the globe, I was hooked.

The Twitter Chat Mission was the turning point for me. The #alg1chat on Sundays@9 was transformational. Not only did I share about this chat group with other algebra teachers at my school, I also shared the many resources so openly shared by others in the chat. Two favorites that I shared with my math department head, my middle school division head, and my algebra colleagues were Julie Reubach’s excellent math resource site and the “Would You Rather” open-ended problem solving site

What made this mission so easy for me is that I’ve been sharing MTBoS Gems all along! So here is a final shout-out to the MTBoS Team and to my friend and colleague, Page Stites, who told me about it! Let the Missions continue…

1 thought on “The Coda: Share and Share Alike”

  1. I still haven’t tried a twitterchat, but I keep hearing people have such good experiences I’ll have to figure it out one of these days! Glad you’re sharing!

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