Pulling it all Together

A virtual filing cabinet is just plain brilliant as an idea and I breathed a sigh of relief when the notion was suggested in MTBoS Mission Six. I’ve used lots of these organizational tools before. I even constructed a summer reading digital three-ring binder for our faculty as part of our technology integration initiative this past summer. It just didn’t occur to me to use the same kind of tool to organize my mathematic musings.

I constructed a three-ring binder to organize my math teaching ideas using http://www.livebinders.com
My binders tabs were a fairly easy choice as I had organized notes and ideas in outlook and iPad notes prior to creating the binder. But what a relief it was to get all these ideas in one place. So restful.

Algebra Content Topics (with 6 sub-tabs for course content)
Opening Problems (5 minute problems to open class)
PBL Ideas (problem based learning projects)
Cool Tech Tools for Math
Following (of course #MTBoS is here along with several others)
Articles of Interest
Videos for Flipped Instruction
Student Math Blog Ideas

3 thoughts on “Pulling it all Together”

  1. The organisation features on livebinder seem to be very similar to Microsoft OneNote.
    I agree, it is nice to get all these ideas in one place.

    • Th mission was good motivation to get organized in one place. Many of my colleagues are fans of One Note as you are and find it to be a great organizer. The cloud-based aspect of the Live Binders is what’s most appealing and the ability to collaborate.

  2. Guess that makes sense. Glad you’ve got yourself organized here. Most of my resources are in file directories or on USBs, and I haven’t had the time or motivation to throw them up into a cloud… if anything I just drag that stuff out and onto my computer. Though if the inertia fades, I suppose I’ve got the MTBoS to turn to for help. Thanks for the read, your exhilaration’s coming through!

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